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News about ATmission

ATmission has received a lot of media attention recently, in both the national and international press.

The thanks and comments we received about ATmission, inspired us to create a new release of ATmission.

ATmission 2.0-01 on osdir.com
osdir screenshots ATmission 2.0-01 (reloaded) Screenshot Tour;
Get an impression of the "look and feel" on http://shots.osdir.com
ATmission 2.0-01 is out
Based on the Fedora Core 4 release with Linux kernel 2.6.11. Download from here.
With the new release of the cowloop 2.16 driver, cowfiles can now be placed on a NTFS partition. All packages are updated. Now it's possible to copy the ROOTFS-file to harddisk which increases performance.
ATmission 1.04 is out
The 2GB filesystem size limit is removed. As a result the 1.04 version of ATmission now contains 2.5 GB of data on a 660 MB CDROM.
Included are OpenOffice 2.0-beta, FireFox and Thunderbird. Based on the Fedora Core 2 release with Linux kernel 2.6.11. Download from here.
Linux Format (UK) includes our ATmission Live CD with their April number.
CD cover pictLinux Format
ATmission included with Italian "Linux Pro" Magazine
LinuxPro Distribuzioni ATmission 1.1-03 Distribuzione Live altamente personalizzabile - www.atconsultancy.nl/atmission/ http://www.futuremediaitaly.it/homerivista.asp?Name=LinuxPro
Slashdot reports
News: Knoppix 3.8 at CeBIT w/ Kernel 2.6, FF, and More
March 02, 2005 @ 7:04AM
Slashdot is reporting (English announcement) that Knoppix 3.8 will be released at CeBIT (March 10-16). Some exciting changes are Kernel 2.6 by default, and UnionFS, which allow editing and saving of any file on the LiveCD while it is running. It should be noted that many other LiveCDs have had kernel 2.6 running by default for a while, and that ATmission, using the cowloop driver, also has the ability to edit and save changes to any file running off the LiveCD. Even though it's not the first with these features, it's still great to see them.
ATmission discussed in the Dutch Linux Magazine. Linux Magazine
CD cover pictThe article in Dutch can be found here.
Distro- and Live CD watchers are noticing ATmission
Frozen Tech's LiveCD List

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